I am currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton and also a Tutorial Fellow at the University of Sussex.  I teach Product Design at both Institutions and also teach Web Design and Creative Methods to Digital Media students. My research interests involve Co-Creation methods, Interaction Design, Emotional Design and understanding motivations for Sustainable behaviour.

Currently working  to investigate preferences for the design of digitally enhanced activities to enable mobile, situated learning about nature for young people.  The study will focus on what makes the activity enjoyable and therefore what would motivate those involved to engage and participate with others in the outdoors. In particular it will consider how creative and collaborative projects could increase motivation and an enthusiasm for early adolescents. Research will include psychological findings about cognition, emotional needs and behavior; alongside an evaluation of contemporary culture and what is considered desirable for this age group. However these ‘expert’ studies will also be considered alongside the opinion of other relevant stakeholders. Contributions will be included from those with a vested interest in enthusing the general public about natural environments, and also the pre-teenagers themselves through appropriately developed co-design methods.

For more information download pdf natureoct11

Visable web site link

Past projects include the visable web site to help students learn about Visual Techniques that enable usability.


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